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17th December, 2020

Your bathroom is your most personal space and it should by all means inspire personal care. While comfort comes first, aesthetics come very close to first; an elegant bathroom leads to spending more time on yourself and that is important to wash away all the stress that you gather outdoors, and sometimes indoors. Bathroom designs like kitchens take prevalence in designing homes as practicality plays a vital role in both the spaces. In this blog, we have blended practicality with splendor to give you unique bathroom ideas that might uplift your mood and the beauty of your home too.

Pretty bathrooms are an ancient concept that has only diluted with times, but again gained prominence as the realization of their importance has dawned upon the interior design industry.

The most elaborate bathrooms are typical of ancient India, Egypt, and Greece. Decorative bathtubs and wash basins with running water and water flushing toilets are not a modern concept, but a legacy sent down to the generations from the few who lived life king size.

Let’s discuss a few beauty tips to make your bathroom a place of serenity and rejuvenation:

  • Decide upon the position of the bathtub first as it would occupy a major space of your bathroom
  • Ascertain there is all space for a towel rail near the bath
  • Be resourceful and opt for water-saving fitting
  • Make sure there is enough room in front of the wash basin for easy access to the cabinet beneath preferably 31 to 32 inches
  • Position the bathroom door such that it swings away from and not toward the wash basin.
  • The toilet should be placed away from the door too
  • Create sufficient storage to keep it clutter-free

Today, most of us face a space crunch with growing property prices. Let’s talk about ways to make our bathroom appear larger;

  • Floor to ceiling tiles lend an advanced look
  • Mirror add a sense of depth, width, and length through the reflection of light making the room look bigger
  • For your bathroom color light pastels will add both, splendor and space. Wall-hung wash basins, cabinets, and toilet will add to the larger look.
  • Frameless shower screens will make your space look large.
  • Sliding doors are preferable to hanging doors for entering bathrooms
  • Place the window close to the ceiling to free up all space; again a tip to make your bathroom look bigger.
  • Keep your bathroom designs universal making them easy to use for aged people and people with physical disabilities. Slip-resistant floors and level with no steps can add to the easy use of bathrooms for people with physical challenges.

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